Green Sage Coffee House

Asheville, NC


Green Sage features a full-service coffee and espresso bar, a scratch kitchen and bakery. They use locally grown and organic, ecologically-produced ingredients. Serious in their mission of sustainability, “green” building features include: solar panels on the roof for hot water (the first downtown), reclaimed wood for the bars, locally-fabricated concrete countertops with industrial scrap iron supports, non-toxic locally-manufactured paints, signage from recycled aluminum, and a waterless urinal. Lounge chairs are made of organic cotton. The restaurant’s Recycling Center features a composting bin in addition to the standard recycling options. Their take-out cups and containers are compostable. Wi-fi is available and evening events include local performers and regional eco non-profit presentations.

ARCHITECT: Glazer Architecture



(828) 808-6609


Asheville, NC