Classic Building

Asheville, NC



Interior Renovations, all floors

Systems throughout were replaced including:

  • New sprinkler system added
  • New mechanical systems
  • New electrical systems
  • New plumbing to meet current codes


Additional work included: The Upper Floor offices have been completely upgraded, opening up all of the original 10 skylights, 4 lightwells and six fireplaces. New full glass doors leading into the offices of Glazer Architecture maintain the original feel of the open corridor while creating additional lease space and making the space much more functional. Acoustic tile ceilings were removed, plaster restored. Wood base and trim was kept intact. Carpet was removed from original birch strip floors, paint was removed from terrazzo floors. Due to the installation of a sprinkler system original doors and transoms could be kept in place. New handicap-accessible toilet rooms were built. Handrails around the central stair were raised to meet current Code requirements, however, original detailing was maintained to keep the original aesthetic.

On the Patton Avenue Level lay-in ceilings and recessed light fixtures were removed, exposing original pressed metal ceilings. Pendant light fixtures, ductwork and sprinkler heads were installed. Approximately 2/3 of the original metal ceiling in #76 was missing and was replaced with new tin panels and cornice to match existing. The space, when previously occupied by the Inkspot print shop was divided into small spaces with particle board partitions. With this renovation the space was opened up to its original former retail space.

On the Commerce Street Level, one bay has been occupied by the New Studio of Dance and the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater for almost 20 years. The other half, until recently occupied by The Inkspot print shop, was transformed by into the BeBe Theater, a black box performance space seating approximately 60 people in grandstand seating. Lay-in ceilings and recessed light fixtures were removed, exposing the original wood bead-board ceilings. Surface-mounted light fixtures, exposed ductwork and sprinkler heads were installed. Code-compliant toilet rooms were built. Since its completion a few months ago the space has featured numerous dance performances including Japanese butoh dancing and cabaret events in addition to the teaching of dance classes. The performance space is available for lease and has contributed to the liveliness of downtown after hours.

The project was done as a historic tax act project.

ARCHITECT: Glazer Architecture



(828) 808-6609


Asheville, NC